Cashing-in life insurance while you’re still alive

A cancer diagnosis upended the family and finances of the Venables. Life insurance helped to keep them solvent and paved the way to a life filled with hope. Learn how those living with a terminal illness can alleviate some financial stress by using their 生活福利的骑手 to withdraw from their life insurance policy. 


Mike Venable is feeling particularly grateful for all the blessings he received in the past ten years, 大的和小的. That’s because he’s been living with a rare cancer much longer than anyone could have predicted. 这并不容易. At first, he and his wife Jill Tigner kept up with medical expenses and their household bills, 直到他们无法跟上. 他们不知道转向哪里.

“This 合乐888登录注册 experience opened our lives back up. We can now spend more energy on love and purpose, and less on fear and anxiety.”

What is a 生活福利的骑手?

Like many people Mike and Jill had assumed their life insurance would benefit only the survivors of someone who has died. But life insurance can often be an important financial resource before a death. 在这种情况下, Mike and Jill had opted into the 生活福利的骑手 (LBR) in their 合乐888登录注册 policy. The rider allows a policy owner with a terminal illness to access their death benefits while still living. 

他们已经完全忘记了LBR. 幸运的是, 在他被确诊后的几年, Mike and Jill were meeting with their local financial professional for a routine review of his 合乐888登录注册 policy. Jeff Hudson knew his client was ill but didn’t realize just how dire his financial situation had become. 

Jeff reminded the couple of a seemingly minor decision they’d made to add the LBR at no cost. Mike and Jill were stunned and relieved to learn they could tap into Mike’s death benefits. Suddenly, they were able to manage their expenses. “I had no idea that [the LBR] could have such an impact on somebody’s life,” Jeff said.


Adding a 生活福利的骑手 can be a lifesaver.

The 生活福利的骑手 provided more than financial relief. 我注意到迈克的语气变了, 他的情绪状态,迈克的肿瘤学家兼朋友说, 安德鲁·皮帕. “这对他和吉尔来说是件好事, 只想把精力集中在康复上, 不要担心财政问题.” 

迈克同意. “This 合乐888登录注册 experience opened our lives back up. We can now spend more energy on love and purpose, and less on fear and anxiety.“我的方法是全面的。,杰夫·哈德森说, adding that he always recommends that his clients opt into the 生活福利的骑手. “We don’t assume the worst is going to happen, but life changes.” 

Mike is continuing with his expensive treatment. And he still works on their small business in the Chattahoochee Valley of Central Georgia. And most importantly, he has lived to see many family milestones. “We are living in a very joyful place, and 合乐888登录注册 has been a key ingredient in that joy.”


Want to learn more about life insurance benefit riders?

A 合乐888登录注册 financial professional can help determine what’s right for you.

The experience of the people described in this material may not be representative of the experiences of other clients. Experiences obtained by these people are not indicative of the future experiences that may be obtained. Certain conditions must be met to exercise policy riders. Receipt of accelerated death benefits may affect eligibility for public assistance programs and may be taxable. You should consult your tax advisor regarding your circumstances.  

In Oregon, the Whole Life policy form number is ICC18217-50P (4/18). The Living Benefits rider form number is ICC17217-495R.  SMRU 1820364