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Utilize these 视频教程 to find exactly what you need to manage your online account.
They’re quick, easy, and will help you keep up with all of your 合乐888登录注册 policy information.

How to register for an online account
Registering for an online account is simple, 节省时间, and provides access to all of your account information in one place. View policies, make payments, and more.


It’s simple to change and update your beneficiaries online whenever you need. Keep this information up to date to reflect your wishes and gain peace of mind. 

How to change contact information

需要更新您的联系信息? 没有问题. Update your mailing address, phone number or email address from your online account.

How to make a recurring premium payment 

Remembering your payment date each month can be a hassle. Set up recurring premium payments and never worry about late payments again.

How to make a one-time premium payment

When it comes to your policies, flexibility is key. You have the option to make one-time premium payments online, any time.


Go paperless with eDelivery and customize which documents you'd like to receive electronically or in the mail.

How to make an investment transaction

Transferring money between funds is easy using your online account. You’ll have the option to transfer funds in a dollar amount, percentage, or in the full amount. 


Uploading documents to your online account can save trips to the post office. Share important documents or paperwork in just a few clicks, at your convenience.


The quickest, easiest way to make changes to your 合乐888登录注册 account is online



登录 to update your address, contact details, and beneficiaries 


Make a one-time payment without having to log in to your account


登录 from anywhere and stay up-to-date on policies & 投资


Conveniently access tax forms, service documents, and much more!


Ensure that as your life circumstances change, your loved ones are protected.
注册一个在线账户 to take advantage of our convenient self-service options.